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With this outfit you are ready for a cozy picnic in the park with your best friends. In your pictures together you are an eye-catcher without being overdressed. The lilac shirt from H&M has light flounces under the chest and puff sleeves with narrow elastic. The sweetheart neckline and the decorative ribbons put your décolleté in the limelight. I combined it with a midi length denim skirt. The skirt has a high walking slit and gives your legs enough room to move. The mules that match the color of the shirt are from H&M. The shoes are made of imitation leather and have a 5 cm high heel. The braided straps and square toe give the mules a feminine look. Complete the look with cat-eye sunglasses and a classy shoulder bag. The sunglasses are from ASOS and, like the pattern on the bag, are a delicate shade of lilac. The bag is made of coated twill and leather and is from Michael Kors. It has several inner compartments and closes with a zipper. This way your mobile phone and wallet are safely stowed away.

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