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A sweet dream in blue: This playful summer outfit for ladies always and everywhere ensures a good mood. The flowered waist skirt with fashionable ruffle details gives this delicate summer outfit an enchanting boho character. A classic counterpart to the playful skirt is the timeless blouse of the brand FRUIT OF THE LOOM. The casual cut blouse harmonizes perfectly in color with the floral skirt and makes my outfit idea look both confident and sporty. When it comes to accessories for this summer outfit for women, the color baby blue is also high on the list. Exude a bit of elegance with these sophisticatedly shaped sandals from premium brand BOSS. The flat summer shoes are made of soft nappa leather and convince with their elaborately designed tie straps. The last blue accessory of this stylish casual outfit is the small crossbody bag with flexible strap. The practical mini bag can be worn as a purse, shoulder bag, clutch or as a mobile phone bag and makes this summery look even more stylish and modern.
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