Outfit: Vintage Look With Jeans, T-Shirt & Converse #0092

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I love the attention to detail in this look. The individual accessories are simply perfectly coordinated and give the look a harmonious look. The shirt with boxy cut and cut shoulders and the bright jeans with wide leg exude a stylish vintage flair. The shirt is from BOSS. The high waistband of the pants and the edgy studded belt will make your waist an eye-catcher. The black paisley bandana adds an extra dose of cool to the outfit. The Converse Chucks give the outfit a hip twist with their thick platform sole. The cat eye sunglasses and shoulder bag create a feminine contrast to the otherwise very casual look. The sunglasses are from Celine and the white leather bag is from Ted Baker. The bag is small, but offers enough space in its compartments for all important utensils.
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