Mini-Guide: Outfitwith sweatpants – everything you need to know

It is inevitable that the 90s had a great impact on the fashion world we know today. They were the birthplace of dozens of fashion trends that are making a comeback today, and sweatpants are one of them. Until a few years ago, sweatpants were reserved for the gym and lazy days at home. However, that changed when this “ordinary looking” garment was spotted on the runway.

Although sweatpants were considered a garment for the home, the rules of fashion can always be bent and broken. That’s why today there are dozens of ways you can style and wear sweatpants in your everyday life and still look chic and stylish. My goal is to show you how to achieve these looks and teach you how to style sweatpants in a modern way.

Style Guide

Sweatpants and elegant heels

Street style has changed a lot in recent years. Even though it looks like heels and sweatpants don’t go together, this look is very popular today. Some street style lovers and enthusiasts may have been rocking the sweatpants and heels combination for a while now. But more and more women are choosing this way of dressing.

Heels, sandals and even ankle boots can look great with sweatpants if you style them right. You should especially make sure that the colors go well together. Try not to mix the patterns too much, because you certainly don’t want to look like you just came from the circus. That’s why I recommend you wear regular black baggy sweatpants with some nice black ankle boots or heels. This will be a real hit when it comes to business casual Outfit. If you need a little more help with this type of Outfit, I recommend checking out Bella Hadid and Gigi’s Outfitonline for more inspiration.

Sweater weather: sweatpants and sweaters

Sweater weather calls for comfortable clothing, and what’s more comfortable than your favorite sweatpants and coziest sweater? Unlike the combination of heels and sweatpants, probably all of us have combined sweatpants with a sweater. Besides, surely each of us has at least one sweater that can be worn on any occasion and with both casual and formal Outfit.

I suggest finishing off this Outfit with a regular pair of sneakers. When it gets too cold, a leather jacket can also look good when paired with sweatpants. Keep in mind that this type of Outfit is sporty and more casual than formal. So if you’re attending a formal event, I recommend choosing a different Outfit.

Blazer and sweatpants: a great combination!

In theory, we find it hard to imagine sporty clothes combined with chic and formal ones. However, it turns out that blazers and sweatpants form an inseparable bond. Opposites attract, so it’s no surprise that this combination is popular with models and influencers around the world.

This combination was introduced to the fashion scene by Princess Diana in the 90s, but today it is considered a basic outfit that you can wear anywhere. A blazer, regular shirt, sweatpants and sneakers make for a great and really comfortable Outfit that’s perfect for daily errands or a drink at the bar. I definitely recommend you to try this trend, because with this combination you will look stunning and at the same time very comfortable!

Formal blouses

To give sporty sweatpants a bit more style, we can also wear them with formal blouses. We can complete the look with sandals, heels and a classic miniature bag. Of course, I always encourage you to accessorize, so don’t be afraid to do so! Earrings, necklaces, watches or bracelets will definitely go well with this Outfit. However, I would advise you not to wear belts with sweatpants because the two just don’t go together. Also, if you want to wear a necklace with a blouse and sweatpants, you should avoid chunky or too big necklaces, otherwise you will look grotesque, and that is certainly not the look you want to achieve.

The history of sweatpants: why are they so popular today?

Jogging pants were a real hit in the 80s. Back then, everyone wore them because they were considered trendy and cool. In the 90s, sweatpants were mostly reserved for street style, while most switched to wearing low-waist jeans and crop tops. Over the years, sweatpants became mainly a part of home clothing, as they are very comfortable to wear in everyday life. However, as dozens of trends have returned and made their way back into our lives, so have sweatpants.

We have already mentioned that Princess Diana wore a combination of sweatpants and blazer in the 90’s, breaking the rules of fashion and causing quite a stir in the media. Some women emulated her at the time, but as Diana’s influence continues to grow after her death, her fashion legacy remains as well.

On the other hand, the pandemic could also be responsible for this fashion phenomenon where comfort meets style. During lockdown, everyone wore comfortable clothes around the house, and when the restrictions were lifted, that comfort found a way to blend with style.

Anyway, sweatpants are now considered a very stylish piece of clothing. They are very flexible and can be combined with anything. So I encourage you to experiment a little and try to find your own way to combine sweatpants with other clothing items.