Mini-Guide: Outfits with leather jackets – everything you need to know

Whether you’re a fan of real leather jackets or prefer to wear faux leather, a good leather jacket is one of the ubiquitous clothing items that can be found in every girl’s seasonal wardrobe. Leather jackets are one of those flexible garments that you can wear all year round, depending on the weather. They are perfect for fall and spring, but can also be worn occasionally on cooler summer nights and warmer winter days.

What makes leather jackets such a desirable piece of clothing is the fact that they go with everything! You can wear them with dressy Outfit, sporty looks and with a simple jeans and t-shirt look. In other words, you can wear a leather jacket with absolutely every piece of clothing in your closet.

There’s a reason why this leather classic won’t go out of style, no matter the season. Today I’m going to give you the most useful tips on how to combine leather jackets with other clothes, depending on the look you want to achieve. I also go into a bit of the history of the leather jacket and why it is so popular.

Leather jackets for women – this is how you wear them

While men’s style is somehow universal and simple, it is known that women often think about what to combine with a new piece of clothing they buy. Therefore, dear ladies, I have prepared a little guide for you, which will show you how to combine leather jackets and create timeless Outfit. Don’t worry, because this garment is very flexible and styling is a breeze!

Leather jackets and jeans – a badass duo

An inseparable duo, a badass combination, are jeans and leather jackets. It is the most basic combination that, when styled correctly, can look fantastic. The best part is that you don’t have to put much effort into creating these types of looks – they look effortlessly stunning. Wearing a plain t-shirt or shirt under your jacket is also a good choice.

As mentioned earlier, leather jackets are pretty flexible, which means you can have different leather jacket outfits for different seasons. Wear a pair of sneakers with it in the summer or spring, or wear boots in the fall to bring out the biker look.

Flowered Outfit

If your fashion style is more boho and your closet consists mainly of different pieces with floral patterns and fabrics, a brown leather jacket is the perfect choice. Earthy tones go well with earthy tones, especially green and brown/beige. And if you’re tired of wearing a black leather jacket, you can’t go wrong with a brown jacket or any other color.

Leather jackets also go well with skirts. So if you’re into these kinds of looks, feel free to throw on a leather jacket instead of a denim jacket and you’re sure to look great!

Business looks

It’s totally possible to look all formal and businesslike with a leather jacket. Since work clothes are conventional clothes, you should choose a leather jacket that doesn’t have a lot of details. Instead, opt for one that is more simple, elegant or minimalist in design.

Black leather jackets go well with both blouses and shirts. This means that you can literally wear leather jackets instead of a blazer with any formal Outfit. Pairing a leather jacket with dressy pants is also an option! Not only will you look chic, but your leather jacket outfit will also show everyone that you have taste and a sense of style!

Dresses and leather jackets – a big yes!

If we look at dresses and leather jackets separately, it may look like these two completely different garments can’t go together. But the fashion world knows no boundaries, and opposites attract. Therefore, an Outfit of dress and leather jacket can look very stylish.

If you’re wearing a midi dress or a short dress, a leather jacket with it can look just as feminine and romantic as a denim jacket or a blazer. Giving an elegant, feminine combination a real rocker stamp is all the rage in the fashion world. That’s why I recommend casually throwing a leather jacket over your shoulders on a summer evening!

Different body types and leather jackets

One of the golden rules in fashion is that shorter women should wear short leather jackets, while taller and fuller women should wear longer jackets. In this way, the focus is not necessarily placed on the upper body, but blends well with the entire Outfit.

Shorter leather jackets are recommended for those who want to accentuate their curves, as they usually reach just above the hip length.

However, this rule is not one of those that “must be followed”, on the contrary, you should wear what you feel most comfortable in!

Leather jackets – a trend that has been around for decades

Leather jackets are inevitably a recurring trend that has never really gone out of style. Besides, there’s hardly any piece of clothing that puts its stamp on your fashion style as much as a leather jacket. As you can see, leather jackets go with everything!

Basically, a leather jacket is like a magical item that you can combine with almost any piece of clothing and wear on any occasion. All in all, it seems to me that leather jackets will continue to be very popular in the years to come. So if you don’t have a good leather jacket in your closet yet, now is the time to keep up with the fashion world and buy one!