Mini-Guide: White Outfits – everything you need to know

If I had to choose a color other than black that is eternal, we would definitely choose white. With each season we return to it again and again, combining it in different ways and always getting a phenomenal result. As much as we love the universal black and gray combination, sometimes we want our Outfitto look more vibrant and cheerful. And although white is considered the basic color, we rarely wear it in everyday life.

We all fell in love with the white color as it is the lighter part of the minimalist, classic and black and white style. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a new business or casual outfit, you definitely can’t go wrong with white because it’s very flexible!

In today’s article, I’m going to show you some ways and tricks on how to properly style white. Plus, I’ll explain why white has captured the hearts of millions around the world and why it’s a no-brainer trend.

White – how did it become popular?

Having conquered trendsetters and fans of simple pieces around the world, white has transcended the boundaries of minimalism and become one of the most popular trends in 2022. Yet white has been around for decades, and women have worn it with style and pride throughout history. It has always been a sign of femininity and a way to end the monotony in your everyday outfits.

The fact that white became more popular throughout history is supported by the fact that many famous people wore it. The film industry, for example, is proof that white was seen as a symbol of purity, sensuality and lust. Perhaps the most famous dress of all time is the one Marilyn Monroe wore in one of her most famous films, The Seven Year Itch, in the 1950s. Since then, the popularity of the color white continues to grow.

Fashion guide: How to wear white

Now that you’ve learned a little about the history of the color white, it’s time for me to show you a few tricks or “golden rules” of fashion when it comes to wearing white Outfit.

The most important rule: take care of your white

The first thing you have to deal with when you want to wear white clothes is undoubtedly the fact that you have to maintain them regularly. Logically, white can easily get dirty. Even a small stain on your white shirt can ruin it forever. So washing or cleaning your white clothes regularly is a must!

Of course, keeping your white shirt clean is not easy, and it requires some patience and care.

Choose the right underwear

Another important rule to rock white Outfitis to choose your underwear carefully. White can be very sheer, so you shouldn’t wear colorful underwear with it. Instead, you should choose skin colored underwear or white underwear. Underwear is an essential part of the whole Outfit. If you’re wearing an all-white Outfit, my advice is to match your bra to your underwear.

White and metallic

Believe it or not, white goes well with metallic colors. Most often it is paired with metallic gold or metallic silver. Depending on your preference, you can easily spice up your Outfit by wearing a metallic skirt with your white blouse. Since metallic has also been a trend in recent years, you’re sure to find a pair of metallic pants to go with your white shirts or blouses.

Wear white all year round

We are used to seeing white in the warmer months of the year, especially in the summer. There is no reason why we can’t wear it all year round. Even though the colder weather doesn’t always lend itself to bright colors, you can’t go wrong brightening up your days with a little color. For example, a white coat or scarf in winter can be just the thing to complete your party or everyday outfits and add a bit of color to them.

Black and white Outfit

And if black is still your favorite and you can’t get away from it, no need to worry! Black and white Outfitare very elegant and feminine. White on top and black on the bottom is a classic, timeless combination often associated with a strict business dress code. To break the monotony and still look elegant, you can switch the places of these colors and wear white pants and a black top.

White is often associated with freshness, femininity and innocence. Therefore, the combination of white with darker colors can be particularly interesting and unusual. This contrast does not diminish the influence of white, but additionally emphasizes it. So don’t be afraid to experiment a bit, and wear white with other darker colors as well.

Various patterns

There’s a perfect solution for that, too, if you want to make your Outfita little whiter but don’t like wearing pure white stuff. There are various patterns and color combinations that go well with white. Stripes, polka dots, plaids and hundreds of other patterns might be right up your alley. Some patterns might be more difficult to combine with other clothes, but on the other hand, white goes with everything and I am absolutely sure that you will have no problems creating white Outfitif you follow all the tips I gave you before!